Architecture and Protocols

Tegis : Web solution




Communication & Protocols


  • Database server - Tegis CMU (Central Management Unit):
    TCP/IP, via GSM/GPRS, ADSL, or VPN.
  • Tegis CMU - communicating nodes:
    By powerline communication (PLC), with open protocol.
  • Communicating nodes - Devices :
    DALI, on/off, monitoring.

Tegis CMU (Central Management Unit) communicates with the website in various forms: primarily through the use of GSM/GPRS modems but also via any broadband connection (fiber optics networks or networks brass wire).

Tegis CMU can also be managed through a private Ethernet network at the internal server of any authority.

Tegis communication between the street lighting cabinet and each light source is provided by Powerline communication (PLC) to the CENELEC EN50065-1 standard, provided by a bi-source hardware component used by many manufacturers and major European groups.

The VLB (Very Low Bandwidth) protocol, between the street lighting cabinet and each light source, associated with each communicating node's repetition functions, promotes high reliability transmission all along its use.

In addition to the DALI protocol for managing devices and the use of an on/off node for reversing, stopping or temporary starting of any application, Tegis remote management can also monitor any device present on the street lighting network from 35W up to 400W.




Tegis : Open Remote Management system


  • Tegis remote management system controls any equipment communicating under DALI protocol and any device under on/off control (lights, bi-power ballasts, start watering, trigger video cameras, etc…).
  • In the context of gradual evolution towards dynamic lighting, the Tegis CMU can be easily interfaced to the cabinet via its numerous inputs and its AT commands with any PLC and related presence sensors/detectors.
  • The Tegis remote management system offers, through its web services tools, easy interfacing with many maps, European fleet management systems and CAMM, of which some are already operational in the field, as well as with the smart grid.
  • The universality and openness of the Tegis system even allow its direct management by some competing European software systems and remote management sites: this powerful option allows any community or large maintenance company to manage several competing remote management systems under a single user interface.



 User interface


  • Tegisweb site V3.
  • Mailbox - Management of on-call personnel.
  • Mobile phone - Management of on-call personnel.

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