LACROIX Sogexi's commitment


  1. 1. Ease of installation

Innovation for those working in the field, for the development of products that are easy to install and to maintain.

  • 2. Reliable and long-lasting

Products developed specifically for the outdoor environment, for a high level of assurance over time, from installation to maintenance tasks.

  • 3. Compliance with standards and directives

Products guaranteed in accordance with the relevant European standards and directives. When designing new products, LACROIX Sogexi agrees to take into account future developments in the field of European directives and standards.

  • 4. Your orders dealt with on a personalized basis

One single LACROIX Sogexi agent is in charge of tracking your orders, from the moment you place it until your products are delivered and accepted.

  • 5. Delivery within 48/72 hours

LACROIX Sogexi undertakes to deliver within 48/72 hours for more than 80% of its catalogue products.

  • 6. Instructions for use

Permanent technical support, with advice on design, installation and maintenance.

  • 7. 3-year guarantee

On all catalogue products.

  • 8. Special studies and advice

A design office department is permanently assigned to customers for all requests for special boxes and solutions.

  • 9. Customer service

Speed and responsiveness for all our service -Before-Sales, After-Sales, Training and On-site troubleshooting.