Good engineering practice

For any further information concerning good engineering practice in street lighting, reference may be made to the recommendations of the AFE, to the latest Promotelec memento on electrical installations outdoors, and to various information provided by our main partners:

  • ADEME: Agency for the Environment and Energy   -
  • ATEE: Technical Association for Energy and the Environment  -
  • DGEC: Directorate General for Energy and Climate
  • UTE: Technical Union for Electricity and Communication  -
  • For more information on standard NF C17-200:


PEP – Product Environmental Profile

Eco-PEP statements are available for every LACROIX City Street Lighting product delivered; they are based on international ISO 14020 standards relating to the general principles of environmental declarations and
ISO 14025 relating to type III environmental declarations.
LACROIX City Street Lighting’s eco-statements describe the environmental characteristics and the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the product.
These major environmental impacts are calculated, as well as their distribution throughout the life cycle of the product.



End of life – Recycling

For every product delivered, LACROIX City Street Lighting provides a dismantling data
sheet, to facilitate end-of-life recycling.
These dismantling data sheets notably summarise the distribution of major constituent materials, the elements to be extracted according to Appendix A of the WEEE Directive, the dismantling operations required to access the items to be  econtaminated and additional operations to improve the recyclability potential.
LACROIX City Street Lighting is committed, for all of its products delivered, to applying WEEE Decree 2012/19/EU of 4 July 2012 in its entirety, through the approach planned by the French Lighting Union with the various partners: FFB, FFIE, FGMEE and FIEEC.



This approach is progressively developed via the consolidation of a professional Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recovery and disposal process.
LACROIX City Street Lighting is committed to this PRO WEEE approach, as a founding member of the ecological organisation RECYLUM.



Energie saving certificates - ESC

To meet the energy challenges to which it is committed at a European level, the French policy bill of 13 July 2005 on the strategy for the energy policy addresses various sources of energy savings based on energy providers.
The Certificats d’Économies d’Énergie (CEE), or white certificates, are incentives to incite different players from the energy sector to generate energy savings. These certificates are calculated in kWh cumac: final amount of energy saved on the estimated life of the operation.
The SOGEXI power supply units, with power dimming managed independently or via the Tegis street lighting management system, greatly reduce the carbon footprint. This means they are eligible for the following CEEs in force in France for outdoor lighting and industry:

  • RES-EC-101 : voltage control in outdoor lighting.
  • RES-EC-102 : control of reactive power in outdoor lighting.
  • RES-EC-103 : power variation system in outdoor lighting.
  • RES-EC-104 : renovating outdoor lighting (also depends on the selected lamp).
  • RES-EC-107: astronomical clock installation for street lighting.