The people at the heart of LACROIX Sogexi’s positioning.


LACROIX Sogexi has for a long time endorsed Jean Bodin’s sentence “The only true wealth is mankind”.

LACROIX Sogexi is committed to seeking continuous improvement of the organization and working conditions, as team e ectiveness is the main factor for success in the market.

LACROIX Sogexi gives priority to training, accountability and motivation of its workforce.

LACROIX Sogexi has since its inception been committed to strict compliance with the fundamental rights of employees (equal opportunities for women and men, integration of persons with disabilities, cultural and linguistic diversity, etc.).
Thus, each employee is motivated by the desire to serve our customers better, support their projects and advise them in their choice.

LACROIX Sogexi has joined the United Nations Global Compact since august 2013.

  nos valeurs