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More than 30 years of innovation for the whole of Europe

LACROIX Sogexi designs, manufactures and markets all its products in France and abroad.

Specialist and French leader in electrical connection to outdoor lighting LACROIX Sogexi is also a major player, standing out from the crowd, in devices and solutions for energy and maintenance savings.


Quality, simplicity, easy to fit

All LACROIX Sogexi products have the unique experience of LACROIX Sogexi in electronic equipment for outdoor lighting.
They are designed carefully to allow customers to save money and have reliable and effective installations. LACROIX Sogexi’s innovation culture allows it to participate in the technological revolution that LACROIX Sogexi is experiencing in street lighting. When designing a new product, LACROIX Sogexi makes sure that it is compatible with devices from other manufactures. LACROIX Sogexi helps its customers to install it and train them in its use. Service is another part of the LACROIX Sogexi culture which engages to the side of its customers in each project.