LACROIX Sogexi company

LACROIX SOGEXI,the equipment supplier for the whole of Europe


Street lighting specialist

35 years of continuous innovation and experience in the field, backed by dozens of international patents, have positioned LACROIX Sogexi as the preferred street lighting supplier.

Specialist and French leader in electrical connection to outdoor lighting LACROIX Sogexi is also a major player, standing out from the crowd, in devices and solutions for energy and maintenance savings, with a range of electronic ballasts, LED drivers, light controllers and its remote management system.

LACROIX Sogexi, a French SME based near Lyon, designs, manufactures and markets all its products in France and abroad.
LACROIX Sogexi owes its fast-track development to its positioning, deliberately targeted on:

• customer focus and anticipation of market needs
• a quality product, simple, robust and compliant with the standard
• ease of installation, use and maintenance
• highly durable, with energy and maintenance savings
• the service guarantee

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