Sensing solutions

LACROIX Sogexi sensing solutions adjust the light to the activity and the user’s need. Intelligent and standalone, the sensing ecosystem allows the municipalities to maximise energy savings while maintaining safety & night preservation.

LACROIX Sogexi wants to reposition human being at the heart of the concerns, and to make the city a sustainable and smart city.

More specifically, communicating sensing systems allow :

  • Guarantee of  the service quality
  • Safety of goods and people
  • Reduced electricity expenses
  • Reduced carbon impact
  • Reduced light pollution

Interoperable and open to the various sensors of tomorrow’s city, LACROIX Sogexi sensing solutions already fit many applications.


Light adjusted to pedestrian and cyclists sensors.


Light adjusted to various sensors.


SENSYCITY: dedicated sensing system for outdoor lighting

SensyCity is the most suitable outdoor lighting solution for municipalities needs.

Innovative solution allowing to adjust the light thanks to real time wireless communication between light points.
Address local authorities' major concerns
Reduced energy bills
Equipment easy to install and use
Robustness, durability and reliability
Reduce operating costs
Quality of service Reliable installationsnteroperable systems
Guaranteed comfort and safety Preventive and corrective maintenance
SCALABLE Solutions
Guiding you towards the city of tomorrow
Interoperable systems
Aiming for smart city networks Committed to working with you
Promote sustainable development and make the city safer
Intelligent, connected and attractive city
Respect and protection of the environment


  • “SensyCity represents ease of use. For example, following the first programming, we found that the boost lighting was too powerful, but we were able to change it the very next day, there is a margin for error. And the application makes things easy as it is so user-friendly.”

    SensyCity_Case study_Les Contamines
    Mister Joël Ibled, Administrator of the “ZAC du Lay” and Chairman of the La Borgia co-owners’ Association, responsible for the “ZAC” lighting project
  • « The first results from the test sites speak for themselves: from 80% to 95% reduction in energy consumption using the SensyCity detection... »

    Mister Jean-Marc GILLY, Vice-President of Agen Urban District, responsible for Public and Street Lighting, Mayor of Estillac

    « SensyCity, is really easy to use. »

    SensyCity Cas study Agen
    Mister Pascal Trauquet, Public Lighting Unit Manager - Traffic Light - Agen Urban District Town Joint Services Department

    Municipalities have lower financial ressources. We need to find ways to generate savings.

    SensyCity customer testimonial

    Mister Donnet, Mayor of EPREVILLE


  1. S.I.R. Wireless Sensor

    S.I.R. Wireless Sensor

    Communicating motion sensor for pedestrians & cyclists

  2. NOD Receiver

    NOD Receiver

    Receive radio information from a S.I.R. sensor or a VIA relay

  3. VIA relais

    VIA relais

    Relay the information from various sensors

  4. SRM radar sensor

    SRM radar sensor

    Radar sensor for vehicles
    (to be used with VIA relay)


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