Ferromagnetic power supply modules – Pak PLI

IP44-IK08 - Class 2
  •   Plastified aluzinc junction box (class 2).
  •   Ferromagnetic control gears from 600W to 1000W.
  •   Types of lamps: HPS & MH. 
  •   Power supply: maximum 1 lamp.
  •   Control gear mounted on a removable plate (electronic ballast, capacitor and ignitor).
  •   Protection against short-circuits and terminal blocks for netword cables and lamp cable outputs.



  •   Pre-wired junction box ready to install in lammpost bases.
  •   Metal box, better for heat dissipation and rigidity.
  •   Two independent covers for easy opening inside the mast.
  •   Fixed on horizontal mounting rail.
More information

More information

Casing : • Weldless aluzinc junction boxes (patented process): 6 times more resistant to corrosion than galvanised sheet. High temperature plastified insulating coating offrets high-adhesion UV protection and will not separate if scratched. LCIE Class 2-approved for internal insulation. Open sides and rigid base to make connection easier. Removable component for easy maintenance. Protective cone and hose clamps to allow frontal insert and maintaining of the power cables.

Technical specifications

Technical specification: •

  • Anti-UV plastification: 0.35mm/side.
  • Dielectric strenght : 5kV/side (LCIE report No. 295.173)
  • •IP44 – IK > 08. 
  • Cover closed by means of a captive plastic screw (1/4-turn).
  • •From -40°C to +115°C
  • Open sides and rigid base to make connection easier.
  • Protective cone to allow frontal insert of the power cables.
  • Pre-wiring box with siliconized, high temperature wires.…

Dimensions : •

  • Width : 140mm
  • Depth : 150mm
  • Inscribed square : 140mm x 150mm
  • Access cover minimum width : 145mm
  • Total box +  protective cone length : 550mm + 70mm
  • 1 rail of 125mm
  • Two fixing bracket located 15mm the above away from the top of the pole for horizontal barcket
  • Vertical rail possible (please consult us) 


            Network cable:

  • Up to 2 cables 5x35mm²
  • Other configurations please see technical specification

           Lamp cable outputs:

  • Maximum 1 output 2x10mm²