Quick and easy to fit.
Easy guidance via removable plastic tubes (PM), or removable plastic shell (GM).
Very flexible material for ease of handling, with gripping lugs (PM).
Reconstitutes the double insulation and maintains the seal at the end of the cable.
Slips cold onto cables like a glove, thereby avoiding the difficult installation of heat-shrink tubing in a lamppost.
EDF (French electrical supply company) approved: GM5 model.

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Cable head insulation.

Provides double insulation and sealing.

Very easy to assemble.

Technical specifications

• PM: pre-lubricated, self-extinguishing silicone.
• GM: pre-lubricated EPDM.

2 models:
• PM2, PM3, PM4 or PM5: from 6mm² to 16mm², for 2, 3, 4 or 5 conductors.
• GM5 : from 25mm² to 35mm², for 2 to 5 conductors.

Product standard: NF C32-321.
Installation standard: NF C17-200.