Energy savings, maintenance savings

Electronic power supply equipment Electronic ballasts LED drivers Light point dimmers Save energy and validate Energy Saving certificates with SOGEXI electronic devices, reducing each light source energy consumption by 30% to more than 50% on average. More information


• 30 years of experience in outdoor lighting in Europe, under all climatic conditions, including 15 years in electronic equipment. • Ranges of products specially developed for extreme electrical and climatic conditions. • Accurate control of the power supplied and of lighting stability. • Very high reliability. • Light output and photometric characteristics are durably maintained. • Class II equipment: no leakage current to earth. • Can be fitted in lamppost bases, on façades, or in light fixtures. • Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain.


• Very high efficiency. • Integrated standalone dimming, or by pilot wire, or via remote management under DALI protocol. • From 30% to more than 50% energy savings on average per year. • Significant reduction of subscribed energy. • No excess power consumption during network overload periods. • Dimming management at light source, compliant with the European street lighting standard EN13201. • Lamps and sources last longer. • All-in-one equipment.


• Significant reduction in the amount of energy consumed and of the carbon footprint of street lighting installations: up to 3 tons of CO2 saved per year in France (and 15 tons in Europe), for an installation comprising one hundred 150W lamps. • Eligible for Energy Saving Certificates. • Reduction in the number of lamps and sources to be recycled. • PEP (Product Environment Profile) systematic analysis of environmental impacts according to the EuP Directive.