LED Driver DL-Pak 70 SELV

IP65-IK08 - Class 2
  • LED Driver – Constant Current Supply.
  • 350mA, 500 mA, 700mA (other ratings on demand).
  • Power : up to 70 W.
  • Output voltage : 30 -120 VDC (limited by SELV expectation).
  • High resistance against network polution.
  • High reliability and long life duration.
  • High energy efficiency and power factor.
  • Electronic gear to install at the lamppost base.
  • Additionnal energy saving (up to 65%) by dimming scenarios.
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Excellent reliability and long life.
Configurable to respond to your specific needs.
Possible distance between driver and source: up to 15m.
Numerous integrated dimming options to optimise energy savings.

Technical specifications

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