IP2x-IK08 - Class II

Safety - Street lighting continuity - Reduced maintenance costs - Energy savings: Idil - Automatic disconnection device for street lighting with automatic reloading.Idil follows the UTE NF C17-210 guide and is recommended for installation on each lamppost. Above all it ensures lighting continuity for a row of lamps in the event of an earthing fault on one of them.

Idil provides protection by double-pole galvanic breaking.

Class I lighting: NF C17-200, March 2007 recommends using an ADD in each lamppost.

Energy savings and lighting: protection In addition to its ADD function, ldil10-Tempo can shut down and restart illuminations in the darkest hours of the night.

More information

More information

Its main feature is to ensure lighting continuity for a row of lamps in the event of an earthing fault occurring on one of them, by isolating it from the network, without causing the other lights to go out.

Double-pole galvanic breaking (phase and neutral), a technology used throughout the world in RCCBs. Automatic current breaking downstream of the device in the event of an insulation earthing fault prevents a dangerous rise in potential of exposed conducting parts.

Idil automatic reloading in keeping with a predefined procedure, for optimum operation without constant monitoring and ensures lighting continuity in the event of temporary faults.

Energy saving on illuminations in the darkest hours of the night with Idil-T2, by automatically stopping and restarting the illuminations at fixed times (winter time). Parameters set in factory and also adjustable on site.

Technical specifications

Self-extinguishing polyamide housing •

  • IP2x. • 
  • Vn: 230V - 50/60Hz. • 
  • From -25°C to +60°C. • 
  • Lifespan: 100,000 operating cycles at full load (resistive). • 
  • Pre-wired connection. 

APAVE test report
No. 19960626-A, Idil 10-6A, certifying compliance with all instructions of the UTE C17-210 guide.

Reset cycles •

  • Standard EP: 10 sec, 2 min, 1 hour. • 
  • Options: •
    • VDP: 20 sec, 1 min, 3 min. • 
    • OR: the following day when switching back on. • 
    • Other cycles: please consult us. 

2 LED indicators •

  • Green only: on. Contacts closed. • 
  • Green and red together: fault detected.
    Contacts open. • 
  • Tempo option: red LED flashes when switched on, chosen settings indicated.