Technical assembly, multilayer with variable densities and reinforced rigid base plate.
Resistant to tough outdoor operating conditions.
Case for keeping screws and small tools.
Gripping handle. Easy to store.

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Ergonomic cushion providing installers with working ease for recurrent operations at lamppost bases.

Technical specifications

• L550 x l290 x H35mm.
• Cross-linked, closed cell polyethylene foam.
• Multilayer with variable densities.
• Welded assembly.
• Semi-thick bituminous paint, specifically designed for galvanised steel and aluminium.
• Excellent resistance to chemical agents, ammonia compounds, oil, etc.
• Handle and screws and tool case.
• Tensile strength (ISO 1926, ISO 7214): > 400kPa.
• Elongation at break (ISO 1926, ISO 7214): > 110%.
• Water absorption after 28 days (DIN 53428): < 1%.
• -70°C to +100°C.

Standard colours:blue,orange and black