Stainless steel cabinet

Reinforced cabinet, 100% 316L stainless steel, thickness 1.5mm, antiposter relief, and comprised of 3 separate elements. More information

Technical specification

Stainless steel base •

  • Semi-embedded earth installation. • 
  • Concrete filling. • 
  • Trapezoidal for better stability, and pull-out prevention system. 

Stainless steel frame, separate from the casing •

  • Frame designed to accommodate standard wooden panels (250x800). • 
  • Frames separate from the cabinet, fitted into a housing welded onto the bottom of the pedestal and secured by stainless steel screws (registered design). 
    During installation: wiring is simplified with access on all sides.
    In the event of an accident: the cabinet alone on top of the pedestal/frame assembly can be changed. Wiring and rewiring operations are thus avoided. 

Reinforced stainless steel casing, top-mounted, anti-poster display •

  • Fabricated casing mounted on a rigid reinforcement frame. • 
  • Frame-mounted, inward-swinging crowbar-resistant door. • 
  • Removable centre post (for 2 and 3 modules). • 
  • Rigidity enhanced by vertical grooves. • 
  • Anti-poster grooves on all 4 sides. 
  • Wave-shaped relief (registered design). • 
  • Secured to the pedestal by welded pins. • 
  • Closes with a 3-point rotating butterfly lock. • 
  • Protection IP44 - IK10. • 
  • 4-slope roof. • 
  • Ventilation by natural convection at top and bottom. 

Finish •

  • Micro beaded stainless steel finish to dull the shine of the stainless steel (cabinet unpainted) or for efficient application of all polyester paints (a selection of RAL colours are available). • 
  • Frame/door earth connecting cords. • 
  • Stainless steel hinges.